An autumnal edition of the Mercante in fiera “fusion”

[:it]un’ edizione di Mercanteinfiera, la 38ma, che tira le fila di un lavoro iniziato anni fa[:en]Protagonisti di questa edizione autunnale del Mercanteinfiera, il Museo della Calzatura di Villa Foscarini Rossi del gruppo LVMH e la Galleria d’arte BDC di Parma di Lucia Bonanni e Mauro del Rio[:]

From 5th to 13th October the autumnal edition of the merchandiser returns to Fiere of Parma (, international appointment with antiques, modernity, design and vintage collecting. Protagonists of this autumn edition of the merchant fair, the Footwear Museum of Villa Foscarini Rossi of the LVMH group and the Art Gallery BDC of Parma of Lucia Bonanni and Mauro del Rio, curators of the collateral exhibitions “In her Shoes. Two steps in the history of footwear” and“Del Rio Bonanni Collection, the Italian choice”, both at Pad. 4.  In the 45,000 square meters of the 38th Mercante in fiera will showcase the whole history of art from the 600 to 800‘until arriving at iconic pieces of masters of design. Ilaria Dazzi, brand manager of the autumnal edition of the fair merchant, stressed: «”The best time of our lives”. I steal this verse from the poet Cardarelli to tell the essence of the 38th edition, which pulls the strings of a work begun years ago. New collaborations with the Villa Foscarini Rossi Museum and the Art Gallery Bonanni Del Rio have been added to the associations of the past. What must accompany us to the long-awaited 2020, an opportunity for Parma, Capital of Culture, to show itself in all its greatness and its ability to make system. A system in which Mercanteinfiera is a symbol of tradition and capacity for renewal at the same time».

The partnership with Fico Eataly World

This autumn edition of the fair also marks the start of the new collaboration with Fico eataly World, the food park just one hour away from Parma. A union that will thus combine the culture of art with that of food made of unique agro-food excellences.  

This autumn the appointment with Archi & Parchi, section of Mercanteinfiera (Pad. 5) dedicated to the furnishing of large gardens, will be renewed also, this time turning into a camellia garden and will have as its main theme “L’M tea time”. The protagonist is the sasanqua camellia, from which you get a tea with an intense and slightly spicy flavor. 

The two collateral

“In her Shoes. Two steps in the history of footwear” it is an all-female journey that is a journey through time and taste, an assembly of about 60 models of about twenty great designers. The visual and universal language of photography is the protagonist of the second side “Collection Bonanni Del Rio, the Italian choice” that presents 60 representations of all Italian photography from the private collection of Lucia Bonanni and Mauro del Rio of the BDC Art Gallery in Parma. Next to teachers like Massimo Vitali, Luigi Ghirri, Ettore Sottsass, Mimmo jodice, Ugo mulas, Olivo Barbieri, Mario Giacomelli and Nino Migliori, the paparazzi of the Dolce Vita years with the shots stolen now to the world, now to the everyday life of the 60’s.