TheOneMilano P/E 2020: a rich edition of news to the starting ribbons

TheOneMilano will start next September 19th, until September 22nd at fieramilanocity, the sixth edition of the event for Italian and international buyers. At the 2019 edition the large pole for women’s prêt-à-porter range commissioned from KB Knowledg a report on the main trends to provide guidance in terms of marketing towards the final consumer. 

Inclusivity and sustainability the new mantras

Two thematic areas emerged, highlighted in the first two shopping routes of the show. The first purchase route offers the most modern interpretations of the reinterpretation of“aesthetic canons”, identified as the challenge phenomenon of the moment. Fashion, in fact, accustomed to being exclusive, today must show that it can be more and more inclusive, liquid, genderless, without borders. A challenge that opens the question of how to keep“allure” and magic under the pressure of the exaltation to normality. The second path of purchase points to the“sustainability”: the consequences of the pollution created by a production based on the intensive exploitation of resources, the awareness that the raw materials used to date are not infinite and compete with the production of other resources essential for survival leads to a concrete rethinking of the reorganization of production processes and products to be placed on the market. Numerous collections speak of sustainability: from blueberry that launches l’#natural, confortable, affordable in Cinzia hot, with hand-picked cotton and linen knitwear; by Cora bellotto, with a collection that presents proposals that include nettle yarn . 

Two routes  of purchase

Alongside the thematic areas highlighted by the trendwatching KB, there are two purchase routes structured by the marketing team of TheOneMilano to help buyers choose from a wide range of products. The appointment in September is enriched with Seasonless proposals, collections that abandon the concept of seasonal predefined and that present transversal in style and occasions of use. Also exhibits in the sector the winner of the prize “TheOneMilano seasonless”, proposed by the show within the competition for young designers Mittelmoda, which will be awarded on 16 September at the final. Another path of purchase “B.Box”, that is the chest of the so-called“beautiful and well made”, clothing and accessories rich in details, capable of care and attention to craftsmanship even when industrial.

TheOneMilano and CBI-Camera Buyer Italia partnership kicks off

Among the novelties of the 2019 edition are the partnership between TheOneMilano and CBI-Camera buyer Italia, the most important association between luxury multibrand. An agreement that will directly connect companies with the retailer universe. Two projects were born from this new alliance: the first is The Best ONE pics, dedicated to the total look chosen by CBI fashion buyers among the collections of the more than one hundred brands of TheOneMilano; the second initiative – The Best ONE New talents– wants to be an international stage for young brands.