Mecspe leaves Parma and arrives in Bologna

Mecspe leaves Parma. There will be a lot of negative consequences both for the economic level and for the accomodating one. There were rumors about it, but now it’s official.

The exposition, after 20 years in Parma, needed to enlarge the expositive spaces  and to take advantage from the links and the infrastructures that make Bologna more accessible to national and international visitors and exhibitors that frequent the exposition. Mecspe will continue to represent all the sectors that mark the event going on in the process of enlargement of the new productive and innovative areas.

From 2021 Fiere di Parma will relaunch Subfornitura, their own historic fair product dedicated to industrial producing for third parties. The goal is to track  one of the main Made in Italy industries in this sector of PMI and small companies.

Ivo Nardella, CEO Senaf

“Mecspe in 2021 will be 21 years old and we have programmed in these years a growth and an internationalization of the manifestation, so the choice of the fair area in Bologna is a consequence of this strategy. The Region Emilia Romagna and its districts remain a central theme of the fair, we’re leaving Parma with the awareness and the pride of the excellent job made with the management of Fiere di Parma and with the national associative realities that supported the development of our manifestation”.

Antonio Bruzzone, general manager of Bologna Fiere

“Mecspe has known an important growth and it reached its expositive peak in Parma, with an area of about 75 thousand square meter. At this point they could move to Bologna, where from 2022-2024 we will have 140 thousand square meter of expositive area, or to Milan, where there are 180 thousand, knowing that in Verona there are 90 thousand. So it’s positive that they come to Bologna, also in a regional viewpoint, where there are important infrastructures like the Marconi airport and the high speed train. We don’t do shopping and we are known in the sector for our fair play. Anyway with the organizers of Senaf we already cooperate other fairs in Bologna, like Saie or Conforma, for example.”