Assofranchising: the second edition of Italian franchising Award is going to start

Assofranchising introduces the second edition of Italian Franchising Award. The awards ceremony of Italian Franchising Award will be at Salone Franchising Milano on the 24thof October.

A jury composed by experts will evaluate the candidatures and the projects and will choose the finalists for each category. They will reveal the winners only at the end of the first day of exhibition.

The companies will be able to send their candidatures until the 30thof September in order to participate to the competition.

There are seven categories and three special awards will be assigned directly by the jury:

1. Sviluppo Franchising

2. Startup Franchising

3. Recruiting Franchisee

4. Formazione e assistenza al Franchisee 

5. Customer Care 

6. Innovazione Tecnologica 

7. Marketing e comunicazione 

8. Best in show: il più bello del Salone 

9. Premio della Giuria 

10. Best of All

Augusto Bandera, Executive Secretary of Assofranchising

“The Italian Franchising Award has been successful since the first edition. The companies had immediately appreciated some characteristics that distinguish it from the other prizes of category, such as the free usability, the openness to all the companies, also the non associated ones, and moreover the value of a jury composed by experts of the sector. With this prize Assofranchising celebrates the importance of a key sector for the Italian economics, like the data of the last Assofranchising Italia’s report confirm. It’s a reality that is constantly growing and that generates occupation – 70thousands new employees created by the franchising since 2002 – a business that also in 2018 registered a growth of 2%, with a growth of 3,4% of operative basis in Italy and a development of Italian shops abroad of 7,6%.

Italo Bussoli, President of Assofranchising

“The growth of new realities, that estabilish themselves is the base of the data of the sector that go on being very positive. Looking this is evident that the franchising is a system able to simplify the meeting between big successful brands and new businessmen, creating value and occupation. It’s for this reason that Assofranchising, as the leader association of the sector, has decided to reward the dedication of the companies that contribute to the growth of this system”.