Vintage Cars and Motorcycles in Padua from 24th to 27th October

Central appointment for the world of vintage cars, Vintage Cars and Motorcycles includes 5000 models on sale. It is absolutely the largest number present, in fact there is no appointment with so much choice and so much quality.

Vintage Cars and Motorcycles is also and above all a passion: an incredible collection of exceptional collections and models displayed to the delight of visitors from Museums, Clubs and Historical Records. Jewels that are rarely seen alone and that it is impossible to find united in one place except in Padua: the salon dedicated to those who love the car. The Club Lancia Appia – Registro Appia participates in Vintage Cars and Motorcycles with a third series just subjected to a meticulous total restoration.

Produced from 1959 to 1963, this family model was sold in 50,000 units and shared both the engine size and the market segment with the Fiat 1100.

There were also Zagato grand touring cars from Appia, to which another novelty of the 2019 edition will be dedicated. In fact, a large volume dedicated to those Gran Turismo versions starting from the GT Export will be presented, the first series affectionately called “Bassotto”. 

The book is edited by Gino Giugno and Loris Chioetto with a preface by Cesare Fiorio, Italian GT category champion with Appia Zagato. 

The visit to Vintage Cars and Motorcycles certainly does not end with historic vehicles. An entire world that combines art, sartorial craftsmanship and design awaits visitors.

 It starts with the vintage collections of the most important fashion brands of the 50s and 60s to get to the highest quality productions of leather suitcases and collector watch cases.

Taste is the lowest common denominator that unites the experience of visiting. There will be objects of furniture recovered from the world of workshops, Berkel slicers and top quality clothing. On stage, big brands related to the world of racing, handmade footwear up to waterproof woolen garments for outdoor activities.

Dot the path of the selected gourmet stands dedicated to the most appreciated gastronomic cultures of Italy