From 7th to 10th November the 121th edition of Fieracavalli

The stages of approach to Fieracavalli begin, which this year reaches the 121st edition.

In fact, Fieracavalli has been the perfect union between passion for the horse world, tourism, sport, breeding and entertainment for over a century. In 2018 the event recorded 160 thousand visitors from 60 countries and the presence of 750 exhibiting companies from 25 countries. On average, every year 200 events are held at the 128 thousand square meters of the exhibition.  More than 2,400 specimens of 60 horse breeds display Italian and foreign biodiversity. In addition to the exhibition with the most important international brands for breeding and horse riding and the best proposals for horse-riding, the show is an integral part of the event. We remember the events of the Western show, the initiatives dedicated to families and children and the evening Gold Gala with the biggest names in equestrian art. The winning formula does not change, but it grows: with one year and one more rider 121×121 Fieracavalli Grand Prix returns. The show jumping competition was born last year to celebrate the 120 editions of the most important national exhibition dedicated to the equestrian world.

This year the great challenge is back at the Verona Exhibition, with a total prize money of 50,000 euros. On the occasion of Fieracavalli 2019, 121 pairs will compete in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories on the prestigious competition field also traced by the great champions of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup.

The format of the Grand Prix, organized in collaboration with Fise, and with the Volkswagen brand as main partner, is giving away 121 seats for the Verona finals. Of these, 72 are reserved for the best in the ranking of the qualifying circuit held from August to October, with eight stages in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily. The remaining 49 are attributes with the wild card system. Thanks to the agreement between Fieracavalli, Anie (National Association of riding instructors) and Fise, 9 of these invitations will be awarded during the Italian Championships instructors at Le Siepi of Cervia, from 18th to 20th July. The riders who will go to the podium in the absolute 2nd grade Championship, in the 1st grade Criterium and in the 1st grade Trophy will therefore be entitled to participate in the 121×121 Fieracavalli Grand Prix, respectively in the Gold, Silver and Bronze category.