The 29th edition of Milano Unica closes

The 29th edition of Milano Unica closed on 11th July. Over 6,000 companies are present, and foreign companies are up 2.6%.

Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica

“The growth and quality of international buyers confirm that the July date is in line with the needs of the market, as are the issues of digital innovation and sustainability.” 

 Companies from the following countries contributed to the positive result: India (+ 13.7%), Hong Kong (+ 13%), Great Britain (+ 11%), France (+ 10 %%), Spain (+ 9.5% ), Holland (+ 8.7%) and USA (+ 3.5%), which offset the decline in buyers from China (-13.7%) and Germany (-14.7%). This edition was made possible thanks to the important support of the Ministry for Economic Development and its operational arm, ICE Agency. Milan Unica saw the participation of 465 exhibiting companies, in line with the July 2018 edition, to which was added 143 companies organized by the Japan and Korea Observatories. Still others came from Origin, Passion and Belief: the Show, promoted by IEG, dedicated to suppliers of semi-finished artisan products and of “Made in Italy” quality, for a total of 608 exhibitors.  Digital innovation and sustainability were the themes explored in the traditional comparison, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony. All those present argued that digital innovation and sustainability are the topics on which the market will determine a new selection. In other words, these are not simple opportunities, but conditions necessary to continue being competitive. 

Ercole Botto Poala concludes:                                             

“On the e-milanounica marketplace, developed in collaboration with Pitti Immagine, I note with satisfaction that in just under six months the membership has tripled. As I said in the opening speech, now we all have to work together on one of the great potentials of digital that is personalization. On sustainability, I believe that in addition to focusing on the quality of the production process, it was important to pay attention, in this edition, to the initiatives that highlight the possibility of working not only with classic and continuous products but also on innovative and creative ones. But I do not forget the difficulties that derive from the size of many of our companies and, precisely for this reason, we will intensify our presence in the various territories to explain the importance of collaboration. Finally, in collaboration with the ICE Agency, as the General Manager, Roberto Luongo, also recalled, we will have to start looking at Africa as a possible market for the future ”.