Strategic Innovation Summit: Assodel a Modena

Today in Modena Fiere is the day dedicated to Strategic Innovation Summit organized by Assodel.

This is an unmissable appointment for the hi-tech Italian industry, Strategic Innovation Summit addresses to manager and businessman of industry and electronic sector.

From 14:30 to 18:30 analysts, experts and academic, institutional and industrial important people will give a vision about the future of e-mobility.

In the last year, in Italy, the sales of electric vehicles doubled. In 2017 5.000 units were sold, while in 2018 the electric vehicles sold were about 10.000. in spite of the delay, our country is very dynamic in this sector and it has many potentialities for the future. Now there are on our territory more than 8.300 public recharging points.

The e-mobility market I very promising and it will have positive consequences, both for the environment and for the economics. By the way there are still many questions about it and Strategic Innovation Summit will try to answer them.

Several Italian and international realities will introduce the trends of the sector and also chances and criticalities linked to this market that’s in constant development. The presentation of successful cases with an high innovative content will be an example for new business models.   The following day the C pavilion of Modena Fiere will guest the 16th edition of Fortronic Power. The event will be very rich of contents and it will be dedicated to technicians, FAE and PME.         The main themes will be power management, inverter and energy storage. Important themes will be also  IGBT, SiC e GaN, thermal management, EV/HEV and many others.                                    During the day of Strategic Innovation visitors will have the chance to take part to the technic workshops and to multiplayer arenas about precise focus organized by the industries .It will be possible also participate to the educational, technic formative moments, during the afternoon. Some examples of these educational are Heat Management in the Power Pcb Environment”, cured by Fineline, and “Best Practice di assemblaggio nel Power”, cured by Gabriele Sala, one of the most famous personalities in the sector.