FARE, the Brescia trade fair system is in excellent health

Brixia Forum ha presentato anche lo stato lo stato di salute, il programma e le azioni future della Rete Fare, il sistema fieristico locale dislocato a Brescia e nella sua provincia.

Brixia Forum presented the state of health status, program and future actions of the local trade fair system located in Brescia and its province. The FARE network, established in September 2018, presents encouraging data. The public’s response was excellent and exhibitors’ confidence was high. A high-end exhibition offer and an absolute level logistics system are the basis of the excellent health enjoyed by the local trade fair system located in Brescia and its province. The objectives of the network, which put the 7 excellences of the fair system of the city and province together in a collaborative synergy, are clear.

Support companies in the promotion and search for new local, national and international market outlets. Enhancing the production system of the Brescia area. Offer equipped locations for cultural, congressional, entertainment and musical events. All intercepting the demand for tourist accommodation services arising from the events organized. It is essential to share the program of events organized and hosted by each member, avoiding overlaps for events in the same product sector. The members are engaged in the implementation of innovative information initiatives, training and services for businesses, planning of coordinated communication initiatives between the subjects.  Giovanna Prandini – Pro tempore President of the FARE Network, President of ProBrixia and Vice President of the Garda Fair Center of Montichia

“The FARE Network is born from the desire to overcome the historic dualism between the two Brescia and Montichiari Fairs by promoting dialogue, seizing market opportunities in a strategic way, without unfair competition and in the interests of the entire province. Consistent with this path is the choice to include other important local realities in the collaboration path, today together with us and at Bresciatourism to make the proposal, not only fair, but also connected to the presence of visitors and exhibitors, increasingly attractive “