The positive trend of Italian fairs is going on.

The success of the Italian trade fair sector continues, with growing numbers from every angle.

In fact, the number of events, exhibitors and visitors increases. 

The result is the growth in turnover, as registered by Osservatorio congiunturale AEFI in the first quarter of 2019.

The report, that reveals a positive trend, denotes the global economic uncertainty that has in the attitude of great prudence as a consequence.

More than half of the fairs hosted more events than the previous period, while only the 22% registered a decrease. The same percentage didn’t register any variations.

The data of the report are based on AEFI members, that has 36 exhibition centers. They organize more than 1000 events each year. Almost all of them, both national and international, are organized on Italian territory.

The balance, +33%, is on the same way of the 2018 closing and it’s greater than the same period of last year’s one, +20%.

About the half of the events registered an increasement of the expositors with the 26% that marked a contraction. The balance is positive for the 22%.

Also the visitors are increasing: the balance, +35%, is evidently superior than the 2018 closing (+4%).

The turnover has a positive balance of 37%, conferred by the 55% of members than registered a growth versus the 18% that have less incomes. The occupied area grew in the 67% of cases, with a balance of 48%.

The previsions for the second quarter are less optimistic, moreover because of the economic uncertainty.

We remind that AEFI, that represents the Italian fairs in UFI – Unione delle Fiere Internazionali – promoted the estabilishment of ISFCert, Istituto di Certificazione dei Dati Statistici Fieristici. Through strict methods it allow the Italian organizers to present and to recognize standard data, in order to guarantee transparency.