100th anniversary for the Padua Trade Exhibition

From May 31 to June 9, Padua will host the 100th sample. In fact, just a century away, the new Fiera di Padova proposes the Sample number 100. Big numbers for a big event: 100000 square meters, 1000 international exhibitors, 100 hours of shows and 10 pavilions. In short, a real event, a set of history and tradition with a look towards the future. Peculiar feature of Campionaria number 100 is the presence in each pavilion of a central island that recalls the origins of the hosted sector. The event presents many elements of appeal to the public. For example, the big Automotive Show. The past is well represented by the first petrol car designed in 1884 by Enrico Bernardi in Padua. The present consists of over 20 dealers, and the future of the car entrusted to the latest generation of electric and hybrid vehicles. Certainly there is no lack of Paduan traders: they will offer bread-making, confectionery and catering. Furthermore, cultural tourism, music, dances and selections for Miss Italia 2019. Naturally, Campionaria number 100 reserves ample space for children with Il Villaggio dei bambini, or a real educational farm. There is also a riding school, a dog show ground and a workshop space. Sample number 100 also thinks of the sweet tooth. We cannot fail to mention the 100 Routes of Taste offered by 20 restaurants, sandwich bars, pizzerias, pubs, breweries, ice cream parlors and cicchetterie. It will be possible to taste specialties and products from all over Italy and the world. It is really impossible to mention all the attractions present in the 100000 square meters of Campionaria number 100. We can remember that furnishing and construction, the best Italian and international craftsmanship, shopping and beauty will have ample space. Just as there will be an entire pavilion dedicated to sport that will offer gymnastic and dance sport activities. Finally, the show part: Indoor Show will be the pavilion reserved for shows, brought by Italian and international artists. And again, Games, Comics, Video Games. There are numerous comics, with board games, videogames. The presence of the Cosplayer is certainly effective. A large stage in the central avenue of the exhibition and 5 more stages in the pavilions and outdoors complete the offer of the 100th Champion shows.