International Book Fair of Turin, edition number 32

From May 9th to 13th, 5 days will be as intense as usual and they will tell hybridizations and identity, happiness and crisis, logic and irrationality, evolutions and setbacks: the contemporary with its tensions, controversies and hopes. Since countries have borders but words and ideas do not, the Salone will have a host language, Spanish, among the most spoken in the world. The Salone is the place where an alliance with the new generations is made, year after year. The future will be theirs, so it is necessary to involve them in the game of the world. But the festival of books is inside and outside Lingotto with the Salone OFF, which will invade the districts of Turin and about twenty municipalities of the Metropolitan City to explore urban space and the territory through the lens of culture. As proof of the cosmopolitan soul of the Salone, many foreign writers and intellectuals will be at the Salone, for an event that will speak many languages, thus proposing different points of view, useful to describe and understand our time: First of all, Colum McCann, a naturalized Irish writer American, awarded the National Book Award in 2009 and winner this year of the Mondello International Section Author Foreigner Award. As per tradition, the finalists of the European Strega Prize will be present, having reached the 6th edition: David Diop, Catherine Dunne, Robert Menasse Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Sasha Marianna Salzmann. Expected one of Sweden’s most famous and popular crime writers, is Camilla Läckberg, translated into 42 languages ​​and published in 66 countries, who will meet readers to tell about her life and her job as a writer. The Lingua Madre national literary competition – conceived by Daniela Finocchi in 2005 and promoted by the International Book Fair of Turin and the Piedmont Region – is an award aimed at foreign women or women of foreign origin who in 14 years has witnessed an increasingly society multiethnic. Over 7000 participants, more than 100 meetings a year, a wide network of collaborations with schools, organizations and associations throughout the national territory. It is really impossible to mention all the opportunities for meeting and dialogue, but (as always) the best advice is: go to the Turin International Book Exhibition!