Vinitaly, also the vice premier Luigi Di Maio visiting Verona

The 53rd edition of Vinitaly confirms and, if possible, improves on what has been seen in previous editions, and further confirmation was given by the vice premier Luigi Di Maio, welcomed during his visit to the Veronese kermesse by Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, general manager of Veronafiere, and Federico Sboarina, mayor of Verona.

In fact, Luigi Di Maio stated:

“This is my fourth Vinitaly and it seems to me that it grows and gets better and better. Here there are companies that have been producing for decades and young start-ups, and more and more organic wine is advancing, thanks to greater responsibility in production processes “. 

Vinitaly represents a real jewel for our country; a district that works, and that has always shown determination and ability to withstand economic and natural adversities. 

The same vice premier expressed himself as follows:

“A sector like the wine sector will surely help national development in a fundamental way this year too. Wine represents an extraordinary driving force for our export and being here at Vinitaly means thanking all our entrepreneurs who bring Italian excellence to the world, which contributes to the fame of the Italy brand. We export Italian wine also to China. For this reason, I reiterate the importance of having signed the memorandum on the Silk Road, on which we arrived first among the G7 countries. “