ExpoMove, first edition for the fair of electric and sustainable mobility

Today we present a new event, which starts immediately with the right foot: the first edition of ExpoMove already has over 70 exhibitors and more than 50 speakers.

 It will be the splendid location of the Fortezza del Basso in Florence, to host the event dedicated to electric and sustainable urban mobility.The group of partners was immediately solid, including ACI, Symbola, ANIE, Anci, Legambiente, Motus-E, Electricity Futura, Utilitalia, Asstra and Wind Tre. The main sponsor is also prestigious: we are talking about ENEL X, which also has the role of technological partner.  The more than 70 exhibitors will bring breathtaking shows to the scene, such as the Terza Rossa Electric Bikes Company which will organize a circuit where professional drivers will perform acrobatics on the bike or Tesla that will present an innovative kitchen to the point of being powered by an electric car. There will of course be no test drives, guaranteed by numerous car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault, Nissan. This and much more is ExpoMove, an opportunity to learn about all public policies, the set of incentives provided by the Government and the Regions, public and private strategies and investments aimed at favoring the transition towards electric traction, both locally that national. Some of these will be the topics covered during the conference section, another strength of the event. Scheduled round tables of great depth and important conferences held by expert speakers. 

Massimo Angelini, Director of Public Affairs, Internal & External Communication of Wind Tre 
“In the current scenario, Telco’s like Wind Tre have a key role in supporting technological development, innovation and economic growth in the country, because the construction of fifth-generation digital infrastructures and services will give significant benefits to all citizens. Smart cities, he added, and urban intelligence applications will allow a great leap in quality in various sectors, from mobility to traffic flow management, to the spread of electric cars: with people and environmental sustainability at the center. “

Federica Fratoni and Vincenzo Ceccarelli, respectively Councilor for the Environment and Defense of Soil and Councilor for Infrastructure, Mobility, Urban Planning and Housing Policies of the Tuscany Region 
“One of the main causes of air pollution is represented by road traffic and transport. For this reason the Tuscany Region is engaged in mobility policies that tend to reduce the polluting impacts of rubber, firstly by stimulating the use of the train, but also by providing for both new and sustainable vehicles in the tender and in the bridge contract for buses. working alongside the municipality of Florence and the municipalities of the Florentine plain to develop a tram system, which has already begun in the capital and is already bearing fruit. “

Stefano Giorgetti, Councilor for public works and major works of the Municipality of Florence 
“I thank the organizers for choosing Florence for the first edition of ExpoMove. It is a source of pride for this administration that will be among the protagonists of this important event dedicated to sustainable urban mobility. They will be days of reflection, knowledge, planning to translate the transformation of our cities into concrete facts starting from electric public transport to then come to the private one. A transformation that we can no longer postpone, which must also pass from a greater awareness on the part of citizens to arrive at a real change. “

Erasmo D’Angelis, ExpoMove 
“ExpoMove is the showcase for what to do to contribute concretely to compliance with the Climate Agreement signed in Paris on 12 December 2015. The event shows strategies for the first time with the most innovative solutions and, at hand to reorganize our cities and not just for electric and sustainable mobility, it was no coincidence that Florence was chosen. It is a call to action to reduce global warming by reducing smog and traveling at zero emissions while respecting the environment. “

Finally, remember that entry is free by downloading the EXPOMOVE app, which will allow you to customize your experience throughout the fair by choosing the most compatible stands in line with your interests, thanks to the use of the beacon technology with which it is equipped.