Preopening of M.E.C.I. at Politecnico of Lecco

Presentation to the press where only the fireworks were missing: it was the pre-opening of the 36th edition of M.E.C.I., staged in Erba from next Friday 29th until Sunday 31st March.

The central theme of the year 2019 concerns urban regeneration and opportunities in the “Home” sector. The combination of these two aspects led to the M.E.C.I. at the Lecco branch of the Politecnico di Milano, with the presentation in the presence of the representatives of ANCE Como, ANCE Lecco – Sondrio, and a guest star of all respect: the engineer Carlo Giordano, CEO of

How not to choose the Lecco Campus: from a former city hospital to a study and research center, with high quality laboratories and students from all over the world. And it is in fact Prof. Giuliana Iannaccone who does the honors, reminding that the Politecnico is connected to the companies of the territory and as an area of ​​territorial renewal it has become a real innovation district.  But the lion’s share is done by the engineer Giordano, who brilliantly reports the data concerning the real estate market. First a passage on the demographic criticalities and the great changes that the society has undergone and how this is changing: in fact it identifies a “misalignment between physical offer and family, since the offer is not able to answer the question”. With encouraging data on the return to buying and investing in bricks, Giordano points out that the new buyers are the Millennials, which have completely different characteristics and different priorities than those who bought a house a few decades ago. It is evident from the data that the trend will be that of an increase in the lease with a reduction in the sale, especially for the first home. The Millennials in fact desire “greater flexibility, fewer thoughts. In fact, they want to have everything ready, a home already furnished, and they are even willing to pay more ”.  

But what are the factors that we will have to take into consideration for the next decades?

The territory is rich in a real estate that is not able to correspond to the needs of the demand; in this regard, new buyers and those of the near future will give greater importance to the quality of life and the practical efficiency of the home, rather than the size or energy classification. In this regard, Giordano mentions the fact that a house with two bathrooms and two rooms is sold more easily – and at a higher price – than one with a single bathroom and a closet, or with the kitchen separate from the living room. Habits change, families change, the needs and times in which the house is used change. Moreover, he adds that in the future there will be no more porters, replaced by spaces for delivery, or condominium management and relations with the administrator will pass from an app. a future not too far perhaps. 

Giordano launches some provocation, comparing the behavior of the market in Northern Europe with the national one: most of the families opt for leased solutions. In Italy, on the other hand, the lease, as a diversified investment and income formula, is perceived by the owner as risky and not protected. At this point the legislators must come into play, thus favoring the modernization of the existing structures, favoring access to credit and also protecting the owners. 

Finally, Giordano compares the real estate markets of Como and Lecco with the other provinces of Lombardy – except Milan, which achieve better results than others, but reads about abandoning the territory to concentrate on urban centers with greater services and opportunities. The collaboration between ANCE and concerns above all the study of purchasing phenomena: the Big Data, quantity of qualitative and quantitative data that the portal possesses, combined with information coming from the territory, allow defining scenarios for the near future and then the actions to be implemented. From this preamble that illustrated the market of yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, the word goes to Paolo Valassi, coordinator of the RET ANCE Lombardia commission, who, on the exponential growth data of the Lombard capital, states that Como and Lecco “can become a boutique in Milan, quality neighborhoods, where you can live well in an incomparable landscape ”. Returning then expressly to M.E.C.I., he recalled that the salon was transformed, creating a real space for meeting and relationship between companies, associations and institutions. One tool among all is the Inaugural Conference scheduled for Friday 29 March from 9.30 am in the presence of Pietro Foroni, Councilor for the Territory and Civil Protection of the Lombardy Region, promoter of the law on urban regeneration. In fact, Filippo Pontiggia, vice president of ANCE Como and coordinator of the MECI working table, continues, “the fair is a transversal laboratory of the supply chain, where the theme of urban regeneration conveys the construction sector, the opportunities in terms of services to the citizen for increasing the quality of life and using the most innovative tools – big data – to identify new frontiers. Then greetings from Francesco Molteni, president of ANCE Como, who renews the invitation to the event, which completes the schedule with a series of conferences and seminars for professionals, precisely because MECI is an opportunity for collaboration with all the associations of sector. The pre-opening continued with a visit to the territorial pole of Lecco and research laboratories, some specifically dedicated to innovation in the construction, cement and safety on construction sites. 

MECI, organized and promoted by ANCE Lombardia, ANCE Como and ANCE Lecco and Sondrio, in collaboration with the Orders, Professional Colleges, trade associations of the Provinces of Como, Lecco, Sondrio and Monza-Brianza, the Polytechnic of Milan – Polo territorial of Lecco has reached its 36th year and maintains its central role for the construction sector, especially in the most critical moments of the sector. It will be open to Lariofiere for 3 days with free admission.