Elettromondo Rimini 2019, electricity finds its home

Return to the Rimini Exhibition Elettromondo: on 22 and 23 March, the event conceived and promoted by Elettroveneta and Ferri Elettroforniture will focus on integrated systems and opportunities offered by photovoltaics. Now in its eighth edition, the Rimini exhibition is now a point of reference for operators in the electricity sector, installers and plant designers. On display, there are nine product sectors, ranging from electrical accessories to lighting and photovoltaics, from air conditioning and heating to industrial automation and security and television systems, from accessories and equipment, to security solutions, to products for the thermo-hydraulics. As evidence of the authority of Elettromondo Rimini 2019, it will be the most important and qualified producers to exhibit. On stage the latest products, products and the most technologically advanced solutions, to offer visitors the most up-to-date products currently available in each specialist area. The event will reserve, as usual, special attention to professional updating thanks to conferences and workshops, with a focus on integrated and photovoltaic systems. During Elettromondo Rimini 2019 The conference scheduled for the morning of Friday 22nd March, The connected and sustainable building: the integrated plant, will illustrate some of the key concepts on which a modern building is based: the usability of the plants, the reduction of consumption, the classification of buildings based on the existing automation systems, the construction of a passive internal multi-service physical infrastructure. Saturday, March 23rd, we will talk about opportunities offered by photovoltaics at the PV Plant conference today and tomorrow: new opportunities on the horizon. Photovoltaics is in fact experiencing a second youth, thanks also to the development of parallel technologies, such as electric cars and the shortening of investment return times. A complete system offers more than the sum of the individual technologies, as it ensures the best energy performance in all conditions of use. On the new, as well as in the redevelopment, thinking of an integrated system represents the best strategy to increase the productivity of the plant itself and the value of the building. Elettromondo Rimini 2019 has a decidedly interesting conference program, which brings the integrated plant to the center as a design element that can improve efficiency and increase the value of the building. In this logic the training and updating of the operators of the sector is necessary to reassure the final consumer on the one hand and to keep up with the new technology adopted by the companies of the sector.