Mercanteinfiera, even the Australians are present in Parma

The Parma festival, which began on 2nd March, will continue until 10th March. The area occupied is impressive, 45,000 meters paintings and 4 pavilions, really necessary to host the 5000 operators that really come from all over the world:: American Germans, Latin American, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, English.As anticipated, the big news of the 25th edition is the presence of Australian professionals, to erect without any theme of denial the international importance of Mercanteinfiera in Parma. Satisfaction for the organizers: in addition to the presence of many foreign operators, the response of the public in the first weekend was really exciting. Many young people also enjoyed the treasure hunt atmosphere that only this exhibition can offer. There are, among the thousand exhibitors present at Mercanteinfiera Parma, pieces by author signed Giò Ponti, Sottsass and Borsani; the pol-trone-sculpture by the designer Andrea Salvetti (Tusse, Octopus, Buteo, Secola, Ottero, Tonzo and Varamo) that today reach 100 thousand euros and pieces of art that belonged to men who created the taste: the Liberty style lamp that furnished the Miami home of Gianni Versace and the elegant crystal etagère of the Parisian apartment of Yves Saint Laurent and Bergé. Present among the various fans, also many “gourmet” of the toy recalled from the collateral “Let’s play: how we played”, curated by Gianni Marangoni, son of the founder of the famous Milan fashion school and now honorary president of the MKS Fashion School. The exhibition, which speaks to adults before even to collectors, is an extraordinary journey through time and memories. Great success of visitors to Mercanteinfiera Parma also for the second collateral scheduled “Stories of the city of Luna. Fragments of life in the shadow of Rome. Created in collaboration with the Polo Museale of Liguria, it highlights through a series of extraordinary finds, the double life of marble, between sacred and profane, of a city, Luna (today Luni) which is due to the magnificence of Rome. Fall in disgrace in the early Middle Ages the legend tells that Luna was still so bright as to be exchanged by the barbarians who fell from the north devastating it nothing less than the eternal city, Rome.