Abilmente Primavera, the party of creativity in Vicenza

With a new format, and the usual load of creativity, imagination and a thousand proposals, return to the Fairgrounds of Vicenza Abilmente Primavera.

From the 21st to the 24th of March, many news and welcome confirmations, for that it is by now one of the most eagerly awaited kermes for fans of creative dexterity.

The autumn session showed a remarkable success for Cucito about you – Dressmaking LAB. The event, certainly involving, has allowed us to see several of the most popular crafter in Italy with regard to fashion handmage. Therefore, it is natural to think of a version dedicated to children: at Abilmente Primavera Cucito comes up on you too – Kids Edition, a laboratory space totally dedicated to fashion and sewing, handmade and sustainable for the little ones. A dozen young and talented creative cut-and-sew will be happy to share, even with the less experienced, their tricks and secrets to customize the creations for all children, creating unique and tailor-made creations. Whether it’s dresses, fabric toys or even the bedroom kit, certainly a very interesting and previously unpublished moment. Selected with the collaboration of the designer Gaia Segattini, forerunner of Italian female creativity on the web, with her blog @vendettauncinetta, the crafter of “Cucito su di te – Kids Edition” will bring to Abilmente Primavera their unique creations, realizing new ones together to visitors during the four days of the event. They will also alternate on the stage of the dedicated live area with quick and simple tutorials, ideal for experiencing first-hand the dimension of slow fashion, an idea of ​​style based on the hand-made, the attention to detail, the conscious choice of fabrics and accessories to express personality and taste while respecting the environment.

Many emerging brands for Cucito about you – Kids edition “:

  • Mostracci by Elena Terenzi, brand of colorful fabric dolls but also quilts, backpacks, quiet books.
  • TaPetite by Eleonora Lippi, brand of educational games from 0 to 5 years in certified organic fabric that, inspired by the Montessori method and Bruno Munari, accompany the children to the discovery of the world.
  • Pandepí by Maria Rosaria Collia (“Iaia”), a very young independent reality of clothes for mothers and girls up to 6 years old.
  • WaWas by Marianela Taborga, a line of clothing and accessories for children from 0 to 5 years, hand-printed.
  • Quilterika by Erika Buffa, creates blankets and unique accessories for the home.
  •  Adadore di Giulia Ada Amico who reuses production waste, vintage fabrics, natural fibers.
  •  The Sartino Naturale of Sara Spotti proposes objects for women and children made with organic fabrics, obtained with tintoree herbs according to natural methods.
  •  ROBEDELLAROBI by Roberta Ottolenghi, homemade production of clothes and objects for children presented at the latest edition of Abilmente Autunno “Cucito Su di Te”.

Obviously, the festival offers ideas and interesting moments for practically any aspect of creative dexterity: patchwork, scrapbooking, découpage, cardmaking, bijoux, embroidery, weaving, knitting, crochet, cake design, garden design, calligraphy, home decor. In a word, the paradise of enthusiasts, and the true secret of an event that does nothing but grow and consolidate. An engaging and exciting event thanks to a program full of live demonstrations, workshops and tutorials, flanked by an offer of the most complete materials, tools and accessories useful to literally give shape to the imagination developing their manual skills. Exhibitions of textile art, areas of inspiration and moments of encounter complete the world of Abilmente, an experience of sharing and exchange in the name of creative freedom, an opportunity for thousands of fans and the curious to meet the bloggers and youtuber most followed by Italian communities.