At Eudi Show the 12th edition of Premio Maiorca

Diving is a discipline that has been existing for some decades, and it’s enough to create stories, memories and anedcotes.

Some people are more important than all the others for their charm and also for what they left in inheritance. A very extraordinary family is Maiorca one, from the 60s with the great Enzo Maiorca and then with his daughters Rossana and Patrizia. It’s impossible to talk about diving without mention Maiorca.

The list of records is very wide about immersion, and such a prestige deserved a homage and it also desrved to be rembered.

For these reasons Premio Maiorca has been thought, and this year there is going to be its 12th edition, hosted by Eudi Show 2019.

The illustrious reward has the aim to keep alive the memory of a family that is loved by many Italians, not only the enthusiats. The prize has been wanted by the Maiorca family and a gorup of passionate friends like Leo Cataldino – instructor FIPSAS of Ferrea Sub Monza- and Eugenio Mongelli, owner of TEMC DE-OX of Milano Academy Award 2017.

The event will be the chance to reunite three beloved worlds for Enzo and Rossana: Marina Militare, united by strong bonds with Enzo’s (Gold medal for Valor di Marina) family, that will be represented by Paolo Pezzutti, Director of Division and captain of Consumbin; the world of apnea represented by Pellizzari, Genoni, Zecchini e Nery that, with Patrizia Maiorca, will tell how their story is connected with the Maiorca family one; the world of sea sciences represented by some young graduate that stood out for their passion and their brilliant results. These young graduate will have the chance to embark on some cruise ships like Vespucci and Palinuro, two of the most famous ships in the world.

On this year the chosen by the jury are:

  • Joana Buoninsegni from Naples that graduated in Marine Biology with a thesys about “Impiego dell’acustica passiva e della foto-identificazione nella valutazione delle interazioni tra tursiope (Tursiops truncatus) e pesca al traino pelagico nel Mar Adriatico settentrionale”
  • Giulia Furfaro from Rome, she graduated in Biologics Sciences with a thesys about “Studio sistematico della famiglia Flabellinidae (Molluschi, Nudibranchi) nella regione Mediterranea e Lusitanica”;
  • Francesca Glaviano from Ischia that graduated on Biologic Sciences with a thesys about “Sviluppo di un piano sperimentale per la riproduzione del riccio di mare Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816): per lo scopo diindagini scientifiche e per l’acquacoltura.”

We remind you that the ceremony  for Premio Maiorca 2019 will be at Eudi Show in Bologna on Sunday the third of March at 15:30, at Assosub stage.