APIMELL, from the 1st to the 3rd Of March the thirty-sixth edition in Piacenza

Apimell is the most important exhibition of the sector in the European landscape. For this reason the operators and the enthusiasts can’t wait for the 36th edition, on program from the 1st to the 3rd of March.

The program is rich: there are many themes, from the beekeeping to the international market for the Italian honey, with some focuses on technological approaches  for the bees care and the biodiversity.

It’s surely to uderline the updating course for experts of sensorial analysis of the honey; there will be also an interesting presentation about apitherapy and its possible applications.

There will be all the worldwide most important associations of the bees sector: FAI – Federazione Apicoltori Italiani, UNAAPI – Unione Nazionale Associazioni Apicoltori Italiani, ANAI – Associazione Nazionale Apicoltori Italiani.

The patronage of Ministero delle Politiche Agricole increase the importance of the kermesse.

The 2019 edition will have as the most important area the expositive one. The most important brands of the bees sector will be present and they will present the last news for beekeepers.

The keywords of Apimell 2019 will be innovation, sustainability and quality.

There will be an important moment for all the professionists that want to take their structures to the level of the last news: the goal is to improve the management of beehives, reducing the costs at the same time. Products of the beehives for a cosmetic, dietary and curative use will not miss.

The manifestation in 2013 has received for the first time the Certificazione di Manifestazione Internazionale dall’Ente Certificatore ISF CERT.

Actually there are 131 expositors in representance of 16 countries.

30000 professional visitors are waited and they will fill the exhibition centre in Piacenza in order to have a week end characterised by business and the learning of best practices.

Apimell will be in contemporary with Seminat -38th edition of the exhibition of the market of ornamental plants and gardening- and Buon Vivere, the exhibition dedicated to typical foods form Italy.